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Family Therapy

Too many families wait too long to seek help.  Therapy provides a non bias safe outlet for families of all sizes to talk about their issues and work through them together as a unit.  Building in strength and closeness while hashing out problems and forgiving past hurts is what family therapy is all about.  At Living Water we not only work with traditional nuclear families but we specialize in working with blended family dynamics and multi-generational homes.

Couples Therapy

Couples are the core of any home.  A life long relationship with a partner is not always easy but is always worth the work.  At Living Water we view the relationship as the client. Thus allowing us to focus on creating a balance for two people who deserve the best version of each other.

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Individual Therapy

In individual therapy we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. A common goal is to “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. Individual Therapy is beneficial, inspirational and life changing in many positive ways.

Child and Adolescent

With the fast paced world of today, many children and teens have a difficult time with anxiety, cyber bullying, peer pressure, and family relations.  There are specific ways to help children adjust and thrive, regardless of their circumstances and in-spite of how the world is changing. Our approach is unique and crafted by our experiences as public school educators, collegiate level instructors, and armed uniform service members.  Our goal is to enable children and youth to thrive and gain the confidence, compassion, and empathy they need to prosper in all areas of life through adulthood.

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Living Water Therapy Welcomes You

We are Certified Anger Resolution Therapist meeting court requirements

At Living Water we understand anger to be one of the many emotions we as humans experience.  However, there are times when anger can be destructive and in need of control.  Our court certified courses help anyone in need of anger management or anger resolution therapy to get the tools they need to overcome temper and rage and start living with their emotions in control.

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